Roberto Colombo (1955)

I completed the classical studies, but at the end, I got degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical sciences. Since adolescence, I engage myself in painting and music. In the middle of 70s I discovered photography. Founder with other friends of the Photo club "l 'Obiettivo", for rather ten years I participated in several events in Italy, achieving awards and recommendations. In the 1980s, work and family reduced photographic activity to almost zero. I resumed photography in 2007 following a trip to the USA. I think Photography is not only a search for beauty in the hidden folds of man, society and nature. It is a way of telling our life, our emotions, our beliefs and ourselves. It is experimentation also. My "Creative Projects" are an attempt at photographic abstraction. An attempt to return images to the essential factors: light and colour as generators of emotions and sometimes imaginary shapes

For about four years I conduct an experiment based on the research of dynamic light, shapes and colours obtained through the refraction and diffraction of light passing through common domestic materials. Two years ago, I decided to get back to bring my work in national and international events, obtaining to be present with images, Awards and Honourable mentions in over 15 countries.

I recently exhibited in collaboration with “Foto in Fuga” at Dia sotto le stelle 2018 and 2019 (international photographic events held at Malpensa Fiere –Milan) and at Inverart 2018 – 2019 .  

With the work “The journey", I exhibited at the sixteenth-century Town Hall of Cassinetta di Lugagnano (2018) . "The journey" was also a selected finalist work at the "October Photo festival 2019"  of Varese.

In 2108, in collaboration with the "Principio Attivo" architecture studio, I created a personal exhibition during the Milan Design Week.